Friggin Ramen Noodles. The winner, the champion.

Nothing can beat the price, everyone knows the name. How many people's first cooking experience was with ramen? We could never give a proper guess. Tens of millions, easily.

You want to know why ramen noodles are typecast as crappy college food? This is why. A goddamn palette of ramen from Woodman's, selling for $1.

This crap is sick-crazy inexpensive. With this garbage I could fuel myself over half a week on a single dollar. And I would love every single second of it.

There's alot of history wrapped with these crazy noodles. 'Ra-men' is the Japanese pronunciation of 'Lo-mein,' Chinese for boiled noodles. The dam broke in 1970, when Nissin foods introduced the production and distribution standard that has snowballed into the current national phenomenon. There is fierce competition between Nissin and clones like Maruchan, with each new company undercutting all prices, which has led to these batshit crazy prices.

You can microwave it if you want; the end product will be exactly the same. If you boil it, just drop it in enough boiling water to cover it completely.

This is it. The secret ingredient to ramen. The difference between a week of ramen for every meal and a week of jet-skiing with the dolphins. Sriracha chili sauce.

This shit is super spicy though, so don't add more than a tit. Just a tit, mind you.

The flavor packet makes all the difference with ramen. You'd better add it or you'll be eating plain soggy noodles like a fool.

Ramen: The winner's choice.


Item Amount * Cost Total Cost
Maruchan ramen, chicken flavor 1/24 of palette 4 ¢
  $1 / palette  
  Total cost: 4 ¢




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