Will ya look at the time. It's well past 3am. Done with the booze, and suddenly you're insatiably hungry.

Quick. Lets make a pizza.

This looks good.

99 cents? How could it possibly be bad. I can't forsee that happening at all.

Mmmm looks delecious. A little light on the cheese but what you gonna do...

Let's see.... Microwave instructions, blah blah blah, 4.5 minutes. Got it.

In it goes. Slam it shut. Start the shit up and press your face against the glass.

Ohh its warm, and filling, and meaty. Crispy Crust delivers again.

All in all? Worth a dollar.


Item Amount * Cost Total Cost
Shur-Fine "Crispy Crust" Pizza 1 pizza 99 ¢
  $.99 / pizza  
  Total cost: 99 ¢




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