Brett created the Beloit Open-Face Special not out of necessity, or health-consciousness, but pure efficiency. From begging to end, it doesn't take more than two minutes to put one of these together.

This is, tried and tested, the absolute quickest way to make a filling hot meal.

Shur-Fresh hot dog, foo.

True story: Brett was once a fierce Fun Dog supporter, until one fateful night when Woodman's was completely sold out, Brett went and found an even cheaper choice: Shur-Fresh.

Turns out they are just as edible as the Fun Dog.

Cheese. Wisconsin cheese. One of the greatest thing about cheese here is that there is very little difference here between bottom shelf and top shelf. This is Colby variety: pure and good, and cheap as hell.

White bread. Buy it to impress your neighbors, and get that big promotion. White bread leads to confidence and the right attitude.

You shouldn't need more than a single slice for this classy meal.

So now cut some slices from the block-o-cheese. It's always better to have too much cheese than too little.

Especially with Shur-Fresh.

There we have it. Two hot dogs, and a whole lotta cheese.

And nuke the fuckers. For 40 seconds.

Then use that slice of bread to grab the whole thing and voila: A fistful of bliss.

Serve hot, with a side of Blatz.

There we go. Pure sustenance. Variety: warm.


Item Amount * Cost Total Cost
Shur-Fresh Hotdogs 1/5 of package 14 ¢
  $.70 / package  
Bread 1/24 of loaf 3 ¢
  $.70 / loaf  
Colby Cheese 1/20 of block 11 ¢
  $2.15 / block  
Blatz Beer 1/24 of case 37¢ +5¢
  $9 / case  
  Total cost: 70 ¢



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