Raisin Bran? Why not. What would a compilation of cheap meals be without a hearty bowl of cold cereal.

Post makes all sorts of promises about losing weight and attaining happiness via cereal on the box. Whole grain is apparently the new miracle food, so any food with it will be shouting about how healthy and amazing it is.

Step 1: Stab box

Really, why not stab the box. It's great fun it is, since a box of cereal with a few knives through it is hardly ruined.

Step 2: Pour Cereal.

Cereal is best in a bowl. With a tablespoon. If it was up to me, I would set fire to all teaspoons . Ridiculous things they are, and they outnumber tablespoons by at least 3:1.

Step 3: Pour milk

Use water, in a pinch.


Final product? Cold cereal. It's all yours, all for you to enjoy. Happiness with milk.



Item Amount * Cost Total Cost
Post Raisin Bran 1/6 of package 33 ¢
  $2.00 / box  
Milk 1/16 of jug 12 ¢
  $1.90 / jug  
  Total cost: 45 ¢



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