The party can now begin. It looks like the Daise family invited the whole island together for this Pollywog Day festival.

Mr Ron tells us all that Pollywog Day is a time for remembrance, and it is also a time of honoring the pollywog special to their hearts, Binyah Binyah.

Binyah Binyah is touched, and begins to speak about how good he feels, and how much he loves his friends.

But not too long, Binyah Binyah. You're talking nonsense. Miss Natalie knows it, and you should feel bad about it.


But finally the taunting is over, and Binyah Binyah is allowed to eat.

and so does. Pressing it against his face like that. Good show, Binyah Binyah.

..and everyone cheers! Hurray!!


And finally... the dance off.

Most of these you have to be see to believe. You're sick of reading (which I hope you havent done) and I'm sick of writing, so here are the pictures:

Yay for Gullah Gullah.



Oh yeah baby. The whole ep. And you will see that I AM right about ALL of this, and it is not just overanalyzing a children's television show.

gullah.wmv (30 MB)


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