I just want to start off part 3 with a picture of Binyah Binyah rubbing his stomach in hunger, that's all.

Because now the plot is starting to thicken back in the living room. Those two rascals James and Emanuel are hard at work looking for that alleged history book, so they can finish halfassing that report on pollywogs.

but what's this? It looks like James found something interesting in the Gullah bookcase..

It's a book it is! An old favorite book of his, titled 'Binyah Goose Rhymes'. A nursrey rhyme book made for pollywogs. Upon finding, James can't resist the opportunity to share a rhyme with Emanuel, so he cracks open the pages.....

...and suddenly here we are with Miss Binyah Buffet the pollywog! Miss Binyah Buffet, sat on her Tuffet, eating her curdes and stew.

Along came a spider, who sat down beside her,

and Binyah Buffet eats it too! She eats the spider!! Yes! Ha ha!!!

Oh shit that was fun!! God I love pollywogs!


And that's it. The two boys give up and run off to the garage.

One of the traditions of Pollywog day is the ceremonial beating of the pollywog effigy, and it's Mr Ron's duty to hang it.

I dunno though, I just can't take him seriously with that hat.

Like a rat following the Pied Piper, Binyah Binyah chases after Miss Natelie and the Shoe Fly Pie.

and parks himself 3 inches away from it, then proceeds to groan about how hungry he is.

It's up to the family to prevent Binyah Binyah from eating the pie, so what do they do?

They begin singing about it. Mr Ron and the two girls start singing about the Pie.

But the singing is just a suppliment, you see, because Binyah Binyah's dancing is what really carries this song. He goes completley nuts.

He even jumps into his tree and does a little rave, all while choking out a breathtaking solo.

There is much laughing and singing as Mr Ron holds Binyah Binyah away from the pie.

Soon enough the song ends, and wouldn't ya know it.. Binyah Binyah is as hungry as ever, and does his best to muscle his way towards the pie.

But look... a new child...

Where did he come from and who is he? Is he another one of Mr Rons? Who knows, but he whispers something to Binyah Binyah, who hops over to the effigy...


Binyah Binyah hit

... and wacks it open to eat the candy inside!! He's going 'pollywacky'!! Ha! Ha!



Binyah Binyah then runs off, and ends up at what looks like a basement cellar, where James and Emanuel have apparently decided to look for the history book.

James and Emanuel are at their wits end at this point, and they ask Binyah Binyah about the history of Pollywogs.

Binyah Binyah then begins to tell a fantastic story about 'Binyah-lumbus,' who set sail from 'Binyah-lopogus,' a city of pollywogs whose combined weight was threating to sink an entire island into the ocean.

"Binya-lububs," Binyah Binyah tells them, " discovered Gullah Gullah island."

Mr Ron then enters and confirms this with the children. He looks right in their eyes and tells them that this is true.


...and then they sing a song together, where we learn all about Binya-lumbus and his amazing past.

When you watch Mr Ron as 1st mate singing about thousands of overgrown pollywogs, you will just know why this show had such an incredible impact on me. All will be made clear, I promise.

Binyah-lumbus and his ship-mates land aboard, and settle the island paradise.

James and Emanuel even get into the mix, and sing about all the things they've learned about Binyah-lumbus.

I'm not so much dissapointed that James and Emanuel so easily accept this story, but I am curious as to why Mr Ron would have his son believe it. And I'm not sure, but to me, those kids look a little scared to be up there with him.

So Binyah-lumbus landed upon Gullah Gullah island, and pollywogs settled the island. That is the story of Pollywog Day.

Now that James and Emanuel learn the story of the pollywog infestation, it's time for the big celebration, and the dance-off. That's right. There's a dance-off. This show ain't over yet folks, so continue on to part 4.


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