The story of Gullah Gullah Island is a fantastic one. It is a land of insane beasts and demented realism, about an island rich in history and traditions.

The island of Gullah Gullah sports a single suspension bridge, that presumably connects the island to the rest of the world.

Forget that world. You're on the island now. Gullah Gullah island. A land of cartoon tugboats and cartoon churches. That bridge leads to darkness and despair as far as the Gullah citizens are concerned. There is no escape.

Here they are. The Daise family. On the tugboat.

The Daise family lives on the island of Gullah, where they welcome us to observe their strange world and listen to their songs. They sing a lot of songs on the island.

There are lots of things to do on the island besides cruising the waters. There's a pier to sit on, and sea life to observe.

But watch out.

There is a manical pollywog that lives on the island, with the name of Binyah Binyah.

And he lives in a tree.

But forget him. Let's all go to, Gullah Gullah Island......

Gullah Gullah Island....

Gullah Gullah Island.

Miss Natalie introduces the show with a friendly smile and a happy hello.

But what is this? We soon learn this is no ordinary day on the island. Today is a holiday in fact.

And here he is. The star of the show: Binyah Binyah Pollywog.

And wouldn't you know it! Today is Pollywog Day!

Out of nowhere appears Miss Natalie's counterpart, Mr Ron. Miss Naralie and Mr Ron. Are they married? Who knows, but they live together, and have a house full of kids. Either way, make sure you call them Miss Natalie and Mr Ron. Or else.

If I did this with my name, people would call me Mr. Ed.

Anyway, Mr. Ron explains that today is the day where all of the past pollywogs of Gullah Gullah are honored and remembered.

If a beast like this that roamed the island that I lived on, I would keep the children far far away. And I wouldn't have made all those hats.

But it's too late. The children love Binyah Binyah, and want to celebrate the holiday by doing what pollywogs are apparently famous for... dancing and singing.

And so begins song #1. Where we all jump in, jump out, turn ourselves about, and introduce ourself.

The children do love Binyah Binyah. Little Shayna and Sarah love Binyah Binyah because he makes them laugh.

Suddenly Mr Ron jumps in with his son Simeon.

Take a good look at that little boy Simeon, because this is the last time he is on camera. Seriously. He just isn't in the rest of the show. Where does he go? No one knows. My guess is the dungeon.

I'm just kidding. I'm sure there isn't a dungeon on the island. Simeon is probably just kept in the laundry room.

Not only can Binyah Binyah dance, but he can talk. And sing. To talk like Binyah Binyah, inhale while saying something. Try it. Say something like "Binyah Binyah hungry," loudly.

If your throat hurts and is making a sound like you are choking, that means you are doing it correctly. Binyah Binyah is a freak.

Hurray! The song is over! We did it! No more Simeon!

But there's still time for another big group hug. Aww.


What will happen next on this fateful day? I guess you all will have to continue to part 2 to find out.


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