Spicy Polish Slaw. A FINE meal for anyone. Satisfaction guaranteed to especially the hungriest.

There are 4 ingredients in the Spicy Polish Slaw: Pierogi, Meat, Produce, and Spice.

Begin with the pierogi. When I'm in the market for pierogi, I turn to Family's. Always delicious and always freezable. Family's delivers the consistency, quality, and cost that I want from a pierogi.

Today's variety is Sauerkraut & Mushroom.

So then throw the frozen pierogi in the nuke-a-nator and forget about them.

Its a neat thing when your roommates will buy bags of chicken breasts. Entire bags!

Ben purchased this bag from the local Polski meat market, ready 4 me 2 eat.

So steal some of that and fry it with whatever old yellowed-ass chicken you still have lying around.

And then slather the whole thing with spice. Paprika, salt, celery salt, black pepper and anything else you can find. All over the place, I'm telling you.

Spice is the single most important ingredient in this meal. Lack of fresh ingredients will always always be compensated with spices. Always has always will.

And some Sriracha chili sauce too. Otherwise you can't get that true level of spice that every single restaurant in this damned city manages to fall short of.

That's really what pisses me off about nyc. To get a meal with any sort of heat you either need to add the hots yourself or practically beg for them. One more example of an extreme getting nerfed to mild in order to satisfy the masses.

While that's cooking away, chop up whatever produce you happen to own. Tonight it's the celery and baby carrot mission for this guy. Going all the way with this meal.

When you're ready, throw it in the pan with some vinegar. Vinegar is the shit. The shit I say.

Be generous to yourself with the vinegar. All it can do is help. Look at the ingredients of any hot sauce or salsa and vinegar is always at the top. It turns things spicy as hell, which makes it a welcome addition to this here slaw.

So I bet you forgot about those pierogi I bet. Throw them into this mess and let the whole thing boil away.

Vinegar turns real stinky when it boils, so if your eyes are really watering its a good sign.

When all the vinegar boils away, find the biggest bowl you own and pour it all in.

Add a random Polish beer and that's it. Spicy Polish Slaw. Serve hot.


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