Fajitas. Is it foreign? Sure. Which means you are an international chef if you make one, which is pretty impressive by any standards. I mean, I'd be impressed.

So we have the passion and the motivation, you are here, it's time to cook.

First we start out with some chicken breasts. Frozen is easier, and cheaper, which is probably more important. You can simulate fresh chicken using a microwave though. Just pop some frozen shit in for a few minutes and give yourself a goddamn ribbon.

Great cleaning job with the microwave guys. Really great looking for the webpage and everything. We like to keep on top of things, make it look our best.

So now the chicken is being microwaved till you can cut it up into little pieces. In the mean time grab some produce or something, and cut that up too.

I was out of everything except some old celery so I cut up some into little bits. Notice the sweet-ass Cutco knife, and the ergonomically correct handle. Such sweet knives..

If you hate celery you can throw in some peppers or onions or whatever you feel like. It doesn't really matter anyway, I really don't care what you do and I doubt you do either.

We got ol Hoagie checkin out the wok. You don't have to use a wok really, but I think it makes me look hip when I stir it up all fancy crazy.

To prep for the chicken and everything heat it up with some oil in it. I prefer Olive Oil, mostly because we have three or four bottles of it just lying around. When you toss the cold chicken in the hot oil it it will sizzle up all nice and people will think you are some sort of culinary genius, which also looks pretty hip.

To make the chicken taste like anything but chicken just throw in whatever spices or whatever you have. I think in that picture I'm using paprika but it really doesn't matter. I saw Anders once use only black pepper and soy sauce and he shat his pants it tasted so good. Also if anyone asks what you put in you can tell them it's a secret while chalking up another hip point.

Vinegar makes everything taste better and that's a fact. I'm not lying when I say you can put anything in this and it will make it taste better. Orange juice? Shit- why not, throw it in. Corn starch? Chili powder? I really couldn't give a damn what you do here because it's impossible to screw up.

We got another good interior of hte microwave, and then a couple tortillas with some cheese on it. I think it's motzarella but whatever. Just open that fridge and take a look around and see what you have then put it on for a minute and you got your delecious delecious cheese.

I usually nuke these things up while the chicken is still cooking.

So here we go. Just scoop the chicken onto the tortillas and add some sour cream if your roomate has some.

The reason this picture came out so well is because my camera is really good.

MM mm good, you got at least two meals all to yourself. Keep in mind making this meal will indeed make you hip. Just because you are all into pop culture and whatever lingo is cool around your area doesn't mean a damn thing. Big up yourself.

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