Audreys bedroom
Its a shame that you only see Audreys bedroom for about three seconds, because her room is possibly the most interesting room in the entire Griswold house. And I don't just mean her circa 1988 Guns n' Roses poster.

We could theorize all day on what Audrey is doing, drawing hints from the random piles of crap on her bed, but the real treasures of this scene lay in the far edges of the frame.

To the left, a giant cat bag. I don't know why, but I love that cat bag. I don't know where they would sell them, but all I know is that I want one.
To the right, magazine cutouts of some guy with crazy pink hair. Is it a real person? Who knows. Audrey is however a huge fan of dudes with pink Marge Simpson hair.

The neighbors stereo

We all know that something had to break the window; something had to hit the stereo! The question is, what kind of fucking stero is this, exactly?! It looks more like some weird science fiction prop or maybe a giant piano with four keys. The only reason I even know what it is is because Elaines husband told me so.

The newel post consipiracy.

I am proud to say that this scene taught me what a newel post was.
As you may recall, the wobbly newel post was the breaking point of Clarks sanity, leading him to start solving problems with a chainsaw. The newel post wasn't wobbling when he went to the attic to hide the gifts. So it had to have been damaged in the few days leading up to christmas by a member of the family that was hellbent on exposing Clarks psychosis.

"Trapped" in the attic.

Although this is one of the more common observations, it is worth addressing. While Clark is stuck, alone and freezing cold in the attic, he falls through the ceiling. It could be argued that he could have further make his way through the hole, saving himself lonliness and frostbite; but its also possible he didn't want further risk damaging the sexy poster.

Every gift is the same!

Some may like this scene because Clarks boss is a thankless asshole. 

I like this scene because all of the gifts have the exact same shape.

Q: What is a 'Speed Ball'?

1. A term commonly referring to the intravenous use of heroin or morphine and cocaine together in the same syringe.
2. The name of Frank Shirley's company messanger service.

A Griswold Halloween?

The above screencap makes me ponder... why did the family eventually go to Vegas when we could have seen the family tackle other holidays besides Christmas? Halloween would have been perfect! Also you have to wonder why the family is so lazy; not in forgetting to put their halloween decorations away, but to be so lazy that they obviously realized the didn't put them away, said 'fuck it', and stuck Santa Claus in a pumpkin.

The Griswolds have a Mac.

Looks to me like a Macintosh Plus. That's about it.

Weird Asparagus monument

Seriously, what the hell is that thing? A grotesque mountain of unknown green matter. I mean it looks like it's made of food. Nobody is eating it, so maybe it is a decoration... but how exactly would you go about eating it? I would imagine that it would be proper etiquette to eat the cherry tomato first. No clue how do deal with the white dots, though.

Shack O' Mystery

Clark runs his rocket sled through this shack. Question is, why is the shack even there? I guess I always assumed that it was adjacent to a christmas tree selling lot, but on closer inspection, im not so sure. The hut doesn't seem to have anything in it, and next to it is a giant flaming barrel.

So Im forced to conclude that this is a family of hobos living in the woods in an abandoned shack. And then Clark showed up out of nowhere and fucked it up.

In conclusion, Cousin Eddie has no respect for light bulbs. 

12/23/09 by James

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