Congratulations and welcome...

To the Gullah Gullah Island Test!!!

This will test your knowledge about the Nick Jr show, Gullah Gullah Island


  1. Uh-oh! Mr Ron saw Simeon's dirty cage!

    Should Mr Ron:
  2. Oh no! The Gullah Gullah Island tree has fallen down!

    Mr Ron is the lead detective. Should he:
    • Take responsibility and admit he did it
    • Question everyone and arrive at a fair verdict
    • Question everyone and blame Simeon
    • Have Binyah Binyah fix it because it's his tree
  3. Uh-oh! Binyah Binyah broke one of the Daise family windows!
    Should Mr Ron:
    • Force Simeon to eat the broken glass
    • Take the glass out of
      Binyah Binyah's food allowance    
    • Replace the glass and lecture
           Binyah Binyah about responsibility
    • Beat some sense into Binyah Binyah

  4. Mr Ron is baking a cake for Miss Natelie.
    What should the secret ingredient be?

    • Binyah Binyah's skin

    • Simeon's blood
    • Another cake
    • Bodies of innocents

  5. Simeon is bleeding all over Mr Ron's carpet!

    Should Mr Ron:
    • Tie up his veins into knots
    • Throw him into the sun
    • Dip him in fiberglass resin and hang
           him on the wall
    • Buy a new carpet and give Simeon a


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