Round 11 - Kit Kat

Kit Kat - 3

Skor - 2


What started off as a happy-go-lucky candybar tournament has broken down. People are angry. In Brett's words, the "cheap heath hax" won it from Kit Kat. Marking another pivotable upset in the tournament.

In a controversial move, Matt, again with the swing vote, couldn't decide between the two so he flipped a coin, letting Skor take it.

Three people guessed Skor for this match, just for the record.


EDIT: It turns out that the information of the coin flip was incorrectly transmitted. When this came to light, judges Brett and Mark claimed there was a Skor conspiracy, and boycotted the next match until Kit Kat won. So now alot more people have points. A whole lot.

And the truth is that you can't blame me. I didn't decieve you. It was bad intelligence Wasn't my fault.