Hate Mail

dude ... ed.... skor beating 100 grand????
you guys are delusional, seriously delusional i hope you know i'm going to be taking up this matter with your lawyer!!
end transmission

ummm ed, have you ever thought that it is not the skor bar that is your favorite, but the will of the skor bar that is indeed your favorite??? and this is a tourney abuot the bar, and the bar alone, lets get with the program son, and i'm not sorry for what i'm about to do ....

hyzak out

Yo ed, so yeah TOFFEE isn't a candy bar, putting chocolate on something isn't a candy bar, what if i poured chocolate on a 100 dollar bill, than would you like that one more, would that one win the tourney... it seems like there is foul play... i was totally into this tourney, but now it's like watching the shrewsbury high cheerleaders play st.johns football, in a football game, its fun for a second, until you realize that real people are dying of real injuries... lemme guess, skor and heath in the finals... and does it really matter what wins, all it will say is that some people perfer a different thickness of chocolate on their toffee, but when you are out, what do you pick up from the store, ... no one picks up skor or heath, because the real american will eat his twix or his kit kat because it is what his body craves, not a skor bar../ this is what we call the moderatization of america, people are scared to go to far left or right because their "voice" and vote will be lost in the masses who crowd the middle, well NEWFLASH your voice and vote won't count either way so why do you do this to yourself .... AHhhhhhhhhh fuckin ed... fuckin candy ... fuckin toffee i'm gonna go eat a fucking skor bar and cry...

thank you
and GOOD DAY!!
end transmission